By Orakpo
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What I shared in this book is actually the story of my life. It is possible to rise from lowland to highland with God’s grace and diligence. The book is a compendium of principles of success. It can be applied in all aspects of life. Whether it is for personal development, academics, skill acquisition, entrepreneurship, marriage, career, ministry, etc, the same principle can be applied. It has no respect of age, sex, or ethnicity etc. All of us are ordained for the top because there is enough space at the top. It is never as congested as the lowlands in life. The principles of visioning, timing, preparations (training), character (values), diligence (hard work), emotional intelligence, anticipating challenges and spiritual strength are all needed to reach the top. Based on the principles shared in this book, one can conclusively and assuredly say that a successful and progressive life is predictable. Likewise, a beggarly life is predictable. There bare things to do to succeed and there are things to do to fail in life. The choice is yours.

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