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Knowledge is a crucial part of the Christian faith. As a Believer, you can’t act beyond what you know about God’s plan for us as His church. That is, your knowledge about who you are in Christ affects your walk with God, and your service in His House. Simply put, you cannot walk and work with God effectively beyond the insight you gain in His word.

In this book, Ven. Emmanuel O Fadipe gives clear cut Biblical answers to many questions bugging the hearts of Believers and ministers regarding The Saint, the Saint’ s Identity, The role of Ministry Gifts in perfecting the Saints, as well as Ministry and its Fruit and much more.

The book is a heart-stirring and inspiring one, it dispels human traditions and enthrones scriptural authority on the subject. It will bless you, your Team and the Body of Christ at large.

Perfecting the Saint for the work of Ministry is a classic teaching and landmark exposition of this subject, and it helps both Believers and Ministers to rightly divide the word of truth whereby enhancing all who read to fulfill God’s plan and purpose.

 Chapter titles include:

  Who is a Saint?

  Perfecting the Saints

  The Work of Ministry

  Charismatic Ministry

  The Role of Prayers in Ministry

Perfecting the Saints for the work of ministry is a book every believer especially minister should diligently study and it's a recommended masterpiece for Bible Schools, Seminaries, Schools of Ministry, Church cell groups and the likes.

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