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This book gives an extensive outlook on the issue of pride. It becomes inevitable for perusal because of the misconceptions of the reality of PRIDE and its attendant consequences.

Principally this book is aimed at two categories of people: The first category of people are those who believe they are not proud at all, but are notably ‘’proud of their humility’’ while the second category are those who admit they are proud, but are willing to find out how to deal with it, even to the simplest form of pride in their lives, for a better walk with Christ. To the former, this book will caution them to take heed while they are still ‘’standing in humility’’, while to the latter it will teach them on how to overcome pride and its destructive devices. Importantly, this book will help everyone to be more intentional about heaven and to leave no stone unturned in their heavenly bound pilgrimage.

In this book, the Author meticulously examines some of the significant causes of pride, the categories of pride, the consequences of pride and how God uses certain situations of life to warn humanity of this destructive disease called pride.

Indeed, for every diagnosis there is always a therapy. This book is a therapy to flush out the poison of pride in the destinies of people.

God bless.

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