The Enemy in the Mirror

By Abu James
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In a world full of ups and down, with so many uncertainties, it is a norm to be conscious of what to do, how to make necessary progress in life, it will be an abrasion to sit and do nothing in a busy world we live in today.
A world system with unpredictable events and happenings, where everyone wants to make it, for some they are ready to make it by all means and at all cost regardless of who is hurt or who even dies.
The fight for peace and harmony is on a high side, with cases of conflict among friends, loved ones, even in the church that has perverted the perspectives of many.
A lot of people are wondering why their life is full of stagnation, frustration, struggles and confusion, for some they are working, driving their dream car but still lack fulfillment, is it those who made money from the blood of others and are in the middle of no return. 
A marriage with many crises, having done all to make it work but all to no avail, what a world which seems so unlucky for many, you talk of a first-class graduate who is qualified to be highly placed in the society yet is nothing to write home about.
how do you explain to a man who has done all he could to succeed but ends up in failure, what motivation can you give to a young lady who is a product of a broken home?
It becomes clear on a daily basis that there is a fight going on with an enemy, an enemy that wants to reduce your growth, in finance, your personality that God has kept for you, an enemy that unconsciously may not be known by many, but is standing before you.
When you stand before a mirror, what do you see? You see an average Christian will jump into prayers and fasting which is not actually bad but when the basis of life is not settled, there will be little or zero result, if the foundation is faulty what can even the righteous do. Psalm 11:3

It is clear from scriptures that the devils assignment is to steal, kill, and to destroy but Jesus came to give us life abundantly. John 10:10, every external reaction is a pointer to something within, a life of zero concern about the affairs of God will not see things `favourable.
No one chooses to be an enemy but unconsciously by what we embrace, as you read through the book I welcome you to an adventure of discoveries.

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