The Greatest Fear Of Life

By Upmight
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Numerous definitions and explanations have been used to describe fear. Some individuals even claim that there are four types of fear viz:
The Fear of loss
The Fear of failure
The Fear of rejection
The Fear of the unknown 
And that it is likely that an average person struggles with one or more of these fears.
But Kabir Afolabi Opeyemi, a voracious young reader and incisive writer, loaded with innovative ideas, has identified the Greatest Fear of Life at this time when most of the youths are being faced with many problems on how to take decisions on assessing their present and making choices for their future.
Kabir Afolabi, in this book, classifies Fear into two categories with broad acronym, FEAR, negative and positive; and makes references not only to renown world writers but also quotes copiously from their works. From his own perspective of the future, he has come up with another acronym, DECORATE, to expressly present the eight ways of surmounting individuals greatest fear of life. He has used this idea to release the prospective reader from perceived custody of everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. The perfect life cycle of such an individual thus centres on expectations, actions and achievements.
The taste of the pudding is assuredly in the eating. I strongly recommend that you pick, at least, a copy of this book; read it, enjoy it and learn from the very rich experience of the author. You will be glad you did.

Engr. Olusola Alalade, FNSE
Former General Manager (GSM Operations)
Defunct Nigerian Mobile Telecommunications Limited, MTEL
Now Principal Consultant/CEO
Lufolks Nigeria Limited
(A Communication Engineer, Maintenance Specialist, Trainer, Consultant, Counsellor, Writer and Publisher)

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