POWER OF CONCENTRATION: The Secret of Strength In All Human Affairs

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In this modern age, the word ‘concentration’ is losing its value due to the many distractions characteristic of this new age. Both young and old are actually not exempted. However, concentration possesses tremendous power for success and great accomplishment in whatever field of endevor we find ourselves. Many have lost their jobs, relationship, have fatal accidents all because of lack of concentration. The importance of concentration cannot be overemphasized. To succeed both spiritually and physically, we need to concentrate on our activities.

This book has been divided in chapters, explaining different aspects of this important topic. In fact, another important aspect explained in this book is the spiritual reasons for poor concentration. So, this book has come at the right time and will be useful to all ages. It has been written in simple English for ease of understanding. This book will be of immense benefit to everyone and it will guide our lives to excellence both in life and ministry.

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