TẸJÚMỌLÁ - The One Who Looks Forward to Better Days

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Tejumola is a Christian fiction story which revolves around the life of Tejumola, a young adult, who deals with severe depression and a panic/anxiety disorder caused by a chain of peculiar traumatic events. Growing up in a typical Nigerian home, Tejumola outrightly denies the existence of her mental health issues which is evident in her relationship with her parents and two closest friends, Akintade (Tade) and Temilola (Temi). This book thus explores the similarities and realities in both Tejumola and Tade’s life, how Teju handles certain situation and Tade’s apt contribution, through his experiences, to Teju’s life.

The story of Tejumola therefore takes you on an exploration of varying emotions: from guilt to anger, to denial and eventually to slowed acceptance. Amidst all these Tejumola carries the message of hope; that maybe in someday, lies a better day.

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