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One of the most abused, misunderstood, bastardized and sometimes underrated subjects in today’s Christianity is the subject of Speaking In Tongues. Much ignorance, misconception, misjudgement and misinformation abound on the subject in the Body of Christ today.

Ironically however, many Charismatic/Pentecostal folks have a superficial and surface-level understanding of the subject of Speaking In Tongues. At best, they go a half mile in navigating the mechanics, dynamics and intricacies of tongues without having a comprehensive understanding of it in all ramifications.

This gap in understanding has undoubtedly led to the inability of many Christian folks to fully maximize the blessings that God has reserved for His children in Christ.

This book, hot and fresh from the furnace of the apostolic teaching ministry of Pastor Bimbo Animashaun, provides the Biblical context of speaking in tongues in all its entirety.

Pastor Bimbo, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, uncovers new areas of insight into the subject, dispel the myths associated with it, and challenges New Testament believers to make speaking in tongue an intricate part of their daily lives.

70 Facts About Speaking In Tongues is undoubtedly a trigger for charismatic renaissance and prayer revolution that will dramatically enhance the prayer culture of the Body of Christ and inject fresh lights, insights and revelations into the landscape.

The contents of this book are designed to boost your devotional life and are impregnated with the Spirit-generated capacity to herald a new era and dispensation of explosive manifestations in the body of Christ.

It’s a must-read for all Christians across denominational lines!

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