Christian writers, your writings are sure way to reach the world with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

At times, we do encounter discouragement in our writing ministry. It is not a sin to feel discouraged but to give in to discouragement is a great sin.

Discouragement is the instrument of the devil to hinder you from reaching the world with God's messages in your heart. It is necessary for you to realize this earlier and condition your heart that no matter what, you will not give in to discouragement.

Fellow writer, you have to discourage your discouragement.

At a time in your writing ministry, you may not have anyone to encourage you, the situation around you may prove negative. Things may not be moving the way you expected. There may be little or no financial backup to execute your writing projects, and you think the next thing is to give up and abandon it. It is normal to feel this way when fulfilling the purpose of God for your life, please don’t give up. But one thing is sure, the Lord that give the vision will surely assist and create ways for you. Don’t give in to discouragement.

In the book of 1 Samuel chapter 30, David (a warrior and a man of God) was so discouraged, to the extent that the people around him turned against him and decided to stone him to death. But bible says “David encouraged himself in the Lord his God”. At the end, he conquered his enemies. You also will overcome all the obstacles against your writing ministry in Jesus name. Don’t be discouraged.

Also in the book of Jeremiah, Prophet Jeremiah was told by God to write down all things He spoke to him in order to read them to the king in the temple. Jeremiah called Baruch to write on his behalf while he was dictating the whole prophecies and later instructed him to read the scroll/book to the hearing of king and everyone at the temple. As Baruch was reading the scroll, the king collected it and burnt it.

God saw all the things that happened, He told Jeremiah to write the prophecy again. Jeremiah dealt with his discouragement and called Baruch to write again. Don’t be discouraged.


How To Solve The Problem Of Discouragement In Christian Writing.

1. Pray: prayer solves problems. Pray more against the hindrances, obstacles, discouragement etc. prayer is a great weapon to deal with the enemy.

2. Be happy and excited about the book. Think about it, speak about it. Dream about the glory that awaits you at the end.

3. Take the first step today, start writing the book today, avoid procrastination. If you have written the book, start the process of typing and editing it today. Approach the publisher that will publish for you today. Take the first step today and the problem is half solved.

4. Start thinking on how to finance the project. Think constructively and plan well. The Lord will make a way for you.

5. Pray and pray until the project is completed. Don’t stop praying, prayer will make it possible and dissolve all the obstacles.

It is not him that started the race that receive the reward but him who finish it well. So, avoid uncompleted project. I pray that God will give you all the necessary things to start and finish well.

God bless you richly.