History will soon forget you if you don’t trap your history in a book. I mean the message that God sent you with.  Everyone that God calls, He sends them with a message to their world.  Calling is not limited to ministerial offices in the body of Christ, your career can be a calling, Ben Carson wrote the gifted hand, that title is simply a reflection of the fact that his effectiveness and high rate of productivity in his field is not only a direct function of his brilliance and effort but a divine call into that field.  When God calls a man he gives him a message not only for his generation but also for generations after him. As far as God is concerned he has released that into the world.

One of the principles of God is that He does not always start something new all the time, he created Adam and through him the whole world was populated, he called Abraham and through him all the families of the earth are blessed.  That idea that God is cooking in your spirit is not only for you, God has unborn generation in mind so don’t disappoint them.


1.      Read extensively your favorite author’s materials, master his styles, tones and creativities, you will improve your writing skill in the process.

2.     Write daily:  Practice until you become perfect. Writing is a skill that you have to develop by constant practicing.  If you are writing a book write a chapter daily, if it is articles write on different topics on daily basis.

3.     Do an outline:  An outline is a road map of the main idea you want to write about. It is important because it helps you to focus on the main idea.

4.     Do a draft: Draft is a rough work experiment.  It does not have to be perfect, let your thought flow freely on paper before you correct it later.

5.     Keep your audience in mind:  Your audience will affect your style, language, and your vocabulary. If you are writing for children in the age bracket of 7-8, you can’t be using ambiguous and hard expression. It is necessary to keep your audience in mind.

6.     Attend Workshops:  You can improve and strengthen your writing skills by meeting other writers and editors who can help you in the areas of your concern.



1.     It has power to immortalize the author.

2.     Book has the ability of saying what you are not bold to verbalize.

3.     It helps to conserve and retain the originality of an idea. When a story is passed down from mouth to mouth there is a tendency of losing some of its vital ingredients.

4.     Book has power of getting to places, countries and continents the author could not have gotten to.

5.     It pans through many generations.


Odetoye Adebola is a prolific writer and blogger. She writes freely as a tool in the hand of the Almighty God.

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