Reading is a culture that is not well developed in African. An average African man will prefer to read a magazine that is full of pictures (entertainment) than reading the one that is full of beneficial information.  Somebody said if you want to hide anything for a black man simply put it in a book because he will not read. I think for us to advance we need to start paying a rapt attention to improve our reading culture.



1.     Memory Improvement:  Reading prevents untimely declining in memory and brain function. Research has shown that those who engaged their mind in mental activities hardly suffer memory loss in their old age.

2.     It builds a critical mind: The more you read, the more information you have in your brain. It widens your scope of knowledge. This information proves helpful in due circumstances when you need to make fast decision.

3.     Reading is a personal activity that teaches you what you don’t know.  You can improve your social skill with the wealth of knowledge gained from reading.

4.     Reading expands your vocabulary, you will be exposed to new words and how they are used.

5.     Reading inspirational books contributes to your spiritual growth and development. It lifts up a depressed soul.

6.     It improves our thinking skills.

7.     It helps in mental stimulation: our brain required exercise to make it strong and health.


Odetoye Adebola is a prolific writer and blogger. She writes freely as a tool in the hand of the Almighty God.

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