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It is imperative to note that a properly positioned and balanced believer is one that can allow effective spiritual ventilation to be transferred to other believers who do not have their own ventilatory capabilities. It is however important to state that proper positioning and maintenance of one’s spiritual state and getting the blessings therein depend on the degree of the understanding of one’s natal foundation.

The focus of this book is broad and has emphasis on the cause of, and solutions to demonic foundations. The sheer ignorance some believers have in this area has, hitherto, kept them on perpetual retrogressive trend. To this end, the need for a believer to have his foundation examined cannot be overemphasized. Thank God that he dealt with the topic in detail. It is absolutely correct to say that this book is logically arranged.

It is also heavily loaded with a high degree of spiritual maturity and experience in deliverance and with the pearls people need in order to get free from the shackles of their demonic foundations.

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