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The Mystery of the Spirit of Manipulation” is a book written in due season. Occasioned by the content of this germ of a book and taking cognizance of the time we are in now, if there is a time man needs the services of the materials in this book to tame the scourge of spiritual manipulation that has destroyed many lives and still holds a sea of others in helpless captivity, here is one.

Undoubtedly, the spirit of manipulation has made ship wreck out of many destinies, with some of them sentenced irrevocably to perpetual destruction, while others to irredeemable regrets.

The spirit of manipulation is the spirit that creates the scenario that is akin to acting before thinking, as the mental faculties of its victims are always in a state of total suspension while acting at the behest of this satanic spirit. The spirit of manipulation is a spirit over which no man has a comprehensive understanding of the mastery of its operation. This is by the reason of its nature essence, but we dare to declare that coursing through the materials in this book meditatively will bring you to the realm of being able to have a good hold on the dividing line through your act of spiritual wariness informed by understanding. And this is beside the practical deployment of the spiritual intercontinental ballistic missile-like kind of prayer points which the author employs to lace up the worth of this life-redefining, caution-advising and God-dependent book. The revelations in this book are deep and stretching, and it has been compiled together by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to help open your understanding to the activities of the spirit of manipulation.

Read this book and deliver your soul from the grip of the life-wrecking spirit of manipulation.

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